Slow Food Dubai

The first Slow Food Convivium to reach the Arabian Peninsula

Why join slow food?

Why join slow food?

1. Membership dues provide a stable, sustainable source of revenue for the organization, allowing it to be powered by – and accountable to – everyday people. 

2. Dues-paying members are a source of political capital. 

Our growing membership demonstrates to decision makers the huge number of people who support Slow Food values. 

3. Members are the lifeblood of the Slow Food Movement. You provide on-the-ground action, whether through a commitment to living Slow Food values or your participation in local projects and activities.

What are the benefits? 

  • To CONNECT with other people who care about the same kinds of things you care about. 
  • You receive discounts and special invitations to local, national and international events, including Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto. 
  • To LEARN more about good, clean and fair food and the slow food movement. 
  • You have access to special members-only offers and previews. 
  • To ENGAGE in helping to make a more good, clean and fair food system.  You receive opportunities to get involved in local activities and projects. 
  • To SUPPORT an organization that shares your values and is working to make the kind of change in the world you want to see. 

Your membership card proclaims your commitment to Slow Food values. 

What do your membership dues support? 

  • Chapter tools, resources and customer service designed to answer your administrative, leadership and programmatic questions and to help make your chapter more effective. 
  • Slow Food DUBAI’s  annual contribution to Slow Food International, providing support for global programs like Terra Madre, Presidia projects and Gardens in Africa. 
  • Local chapter projects in your community like the URBAN ROOFTOP GARDEN and the PERMACULTURE PROGRAMME

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