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Snail of Approval Criteria

Snail of Approval Criteria

The Snail of Approval is a member-driven process, with a committee made up of volunteers. Nominations can come from anyone who lives in or visits Dubai.The program is a resource to Slow Food members and the public, to inform them of which businesses are maintaining good, clean, and fair standards, to the best of their ability. Slow Food travelers from other countries may look to the program as a guide when they visit DUBAI.

The hope is for the Snail of Approval to be a catalyst for improvement, in that some businesses may increase sustainable practices and the use of local and seasonal products, in the hope to qualify for the award.

Please note that nominations are not only limited to restaurants. Other purveyors (growers/producers) and artisans (bakers, chefs, farmers) are also considered.

In order to guide residents and visitors to food that is good, clean and fair, Slow Food Dubai awards the Snail of Approval to producers, co-producers and artisans, in recognition of their contribution to the Quality, Authenticity and Sustainability of the food we eat and the beverages we drink in the UAE.

  • Many hotels are not in a position to apply for a Snail of Approval for the whole restaurant or establishment. 
  • We want to recognise and reward F&B outlets that are joining us in providing food that meets Snail of Approval criteria.
  • This couldn’t happen without the commitment of Head Chefs and F&B management.
  • To this end we have created the Snail of Approval Plate. This is an award in recognition of each dish that is served in a hotel restaurant, which meets Snail of Approval criteria. 
  • It sends a message to customers that ‘we see the connection between people, plate and planet’.
  • Be sure to look out for this logo on menus and on buffets in our partner establishments

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