Slow Food Dubai

The first Slow Food Convivium to reach the Arabian Peninsula

Sfd Chefs’ Alliance

Sfd Chefs’ Alliance

Every chef and culinary professional has an important voice in the conversation around food. More importantly, around food that IS GOOD FOR YOU!The Slow Food Dubai Chefs’ Alliance works with chefs and the greater food community to celebrate local foods and foster a more sustainable food supply: a network working to inspire, educate, and amplify the voices of chefs and culinary professionals working to change the way we eat.

Alliance chefs meet with one another, participate in events and cook together.The chefs talk about their restaurants, their relationships with the producers that supply them, their choice of raw materials and their concern for the environment.

You will be joining chefs from restaurants, bistros and street kitchens who support small producers, both locally and internationally; the true custodians of biodiversity, by using products from the Slow Food Presidia project and the Ark of Taste, as well as local fruits, vegetables and cheeses, in their kitchens.

We encourage chefs to use seasonal foods, helping us to raise awareness of these locally grown products. It is often easier to find food from half way across the world than that produced or sourced on our doorstep.

We believe that chefs have a responsibility to support local producers. We should be supporting our own farmers, growers, fishers.

Chefs are encouraged to add the names of the producers to their menus, to give visibility to their work. They have direct contact with consumers and, in general, are attentive explorers of the food resources available to them. Their role is fundamental to safeguarding agricultural and food biodiversity.

Many chefs state that the reason for importing so much food, is the lack of good quality available locally. We believe that if we support local producers and tell them what we want, try their produce and put it on our menus, the list of ingredients will grow and quality can only but improve. (winter months)

Although many believe that there’s no price barrier to quality whatsoever in our marketplace, when it comes to buying organic, price does definitely tend to be the excuse.  However, as can be seen from prices being paid at the local Farmer’s Markets during the winter season, this is definitely not always the case.

We’re not here to change the world, but we’d like to change part of it. And most definitely get people to start asking: “Where is my food coming from?” We believe that every cook – whether housewife, kitchen cook or chef – should be able to answer that question.


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