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Chefs Alliance – Who Can Join?

Chefs Alliance – Who Can Join?

Chefs with any type of training and from any background are welcome to join the Alliance, as long as they are interested in working every day to safeguard food biodiversity, gastronomic knowledge and local cultures. They can cook in restaurants of any type, in bistros, inns or hotels, at home or in informal contexts like markets and street stalls: anywhere, as long as it is accessible to the public. 

The Alliance promotes local gastronomic traditions, but does not restrict chefs’ creative expression, so the Alliance welcomes not only traditional restaurants but chefs who cook any kind of cuisine (ethnic, fusion, creative, etc.).

What matters is that the Alliance restaurant kitchens be focused on achieving quality, and that the choice of ingredients and relationships with producers be in harmony with the project’s philosophy.

The chefs must be able to provide their customers with information about their ingredients—where they come from, who made them—the reasoning behind their gastronomic choices and why they belong to the Alliance and Slow Food.

By joining the project, the chefs undertake to act “fairly” towards their co-workers, respecting the work and rights of their staff, and to pay fair prices to the producers who supply them.

The chefs who belong to the Alliance also undertake to facilitate and develop projects to protect biodiversity, to participate every year in Slow Food’s fundraising initiatives for its projects (Gardens in Africa, Presidia, Ark of Taste) and to promote and support Slow Food’s campaigns.

The choice of which initiatives to support and the organization of any fundraising activities should be arranged with the national or regional associations that coordinate the project.

The name of the chef involved in the Alliance will be communicated on the Slow Food Foundation website, along with contact details for the restaurant or place where the chef works, so that they can be visited, contacted and involved in events and initiatives.

Chefs join the project by individually becoming Slow Food members, and apart from the fees for annual membership in the association, there are no other costs involved in participating in the project.

The official list of restaurants and chefs that have joined the international project is available here:

The Slow Food project can involve not only individual chefs, but also preexisting associations or networks of chefs, as long as their philosophies and projects are in line with those of Slow Food.


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