Slow Food Dubai

The first Slow Food Convivium to reach the Arabian Peninsula

A Non Profit !!

A Non Profit !!

Well. It means that we operate on a shoe-string budget and generally spend 90% of our time trying to raise funds through activities and memberships, in order to keep doing what we do.As a Non-profit Social Club in the UAE, we are not allowed to accept cash donations.

We can only raise funds through memberships, activities and educational services like workshops, training etc.

And we have to acquire and equip our own dedicated office, with its own tenancy contract etc.  

In Dubai, this is a HUGE expense.

Not one of us, including the founder and Manager, who work 24/7 at running SLOW FOOD DUBAI, receive any salary or remuneration, in any kind or form.

So  Why  is  SLOW FOOD DUBAI  a  Non-Profit?

Being non-profit is a statement.

A statement that we are building SLOW FOOD DUBAI because we love it, not because we want to get rich off it.

A statement that we are building something for the benefit of our members, the community and nobody else.

This is what we call Sustainable Non-Profit.

The more members and volunteers who invest their time in it, the stronger it becomes and the better it serves the people in our community.


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